Breathtaking motorcycle acrobatics show in the ‘Original Motodrome’



The ‘Original Motodrome’ cultivates tradition and provides a breathtaking motorcycle acrobatics show with style. At the upcoming Pure&Crafted Festival, three ‘new old’ BMW R 25 are lining up in their presentation.

This show is not to be missed, especially with Kara Satana, the only woman in Germany to currently ride in the wall of death, and Donald, Clemens and Peter Petersen doing their laps alongside one another on their R25s.



Only physical strength.
When the oldest travelling wall of death in the world had its last outing at its original birthplace in Berlin at the first Pure&Crafted Festival in 2015, even Donald Ganslmeier was feeling the heat.

The current owner and full-blooded wall of death rider, also known as ‘Don Strauss’, had bought the wall just a few years previously from his former boss Hugo Dabbert, and renovated it piece by piece.

The so-called ‘drum’ – assembled from 18 wall elements, almost 10 metres in diameter and six metres high – was one of the last modules of his ‘Wall of Death’, which can still be found in its original condition from 1928 and now lies at rest in a warehouse.

Riding the wall of death is hard work. It takes a good two days until the bottom is dimensioned absolutely straight, wall elements are erected and lashed with steel wire ropes, the spectator’s podium and the parade are laid and the tent roof is suspended from the 12 metre high central mast – almost 25 tonnes, which have to be unloaded from the two semi trailers and a 7.5 tonner and then loaded back on again after the spectacle.

Only with muscle power, naturally.



情報提供元 [ BMW Motorrad International English ]



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