‘End-to-End’ on airheads


What started out as a desire to get more UK BMW ‘airhead’ owners out on the road together, turned into a magical journey from Land’s End to John O’Groats with 32 participants completing the full run, and well over 100 joining for sections.

Known as ‘Lejog’, the end-to-end is the ultimate challenge of travelling the full length of the UK, from the very southwest of Cornwall in England to the very northeast of Scotland – a distance of 847 miles (1,363 km). Some drive, others cycle, while a few have even been known to walk it. But early in July, a group of classic bike enthusiasts rode the end-to-end on their airhead BMWs. Not only that, but they also rode to the start at Land’s End and then back home again from the finish at John O’Groats, making their average total ride around 2,500 miles (4,000 km).

The run was organised by Peter Ardron, who produces an online magazine for enthusiasts of vintage and classic BMWs (www.theairhead.co.uk ). His reasons for doing this ride were simple – he wanted to see as many of these wonderful bikes out together on the road, rather than stuck in garages.

“There are some fantastic older BMW bikes out there and I wanted to do an event that would get us together, so I put a note in the magazine to see the level of interest. The response was great and we had 32 riders doing the full run and many more riding shorter distances with us. My guess is that we had about 75-80 riding together at times. Additionally we had a huge number of members contributing with advice on possible routes so the ride probably involved more than 150 people in some form of activity.

“We didn’t want to just do the quickest, most direct route from south to north – these are BMWs and we knew they’d cope with the distance – so we decided to concentrate on enjoyment. We treated it as a relaxed biking holiday, riding on quieter, scenic roads, all suggested by our members. This made the run itself over 1,250 miles, but was worth it because of all the interesting waypoints to enjoy along the route.”


情報提供元 [ BMW Motorrad ]



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