Winner of the opening round of the EMX250 championship, 16-year-old Conrad Mewse has spent the last few months finding his feet in the ultra-competitive MX2 World Championship. Claiming a fifth place moto finish at the GP of Great Britain the FC 250 mounted rider has made impressive steps forward during recent GPs…

Conrad, it’s now two months since you made your MX2 World Championship debut. How have things been since then?

“It was a big step to move to MX2 but I’m happy I took it. The class is the future of motocross for younger riders like myself, and it’s where I always wanted to be. I struggled during the first few GPs. I was nervous, wasn’t getting good starts and couldn’t show my potential. So I kept working hard and it started paying off at the GP of France. Since then I’ve had a couple of good races and even got a career best fifth place moto finish in Great Britain. My team and I have been putting in 100% and we’ve made some very good progress.”

How important has the support of the Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory Racing team been in making the jump from EMX to MX2?

“My team’s support has been incredible from the first day I walked trough their door. They’re there through the bad times and the good times and I’m happy that we’ve now made it to the top 10 in MX2. I’m also fortunate to have two great teammates, Max Anstie and Thomas Covington. I get along really well with both of them. It’s good as all of us train together. There’s no secrets in the team and we all help each other to try and get the best possible results.”


情報提供元 [ Husqvarna Motorcycles ]



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