Vulcan 70 by Martini unveiled


The 1970’s played host to an incredible cultural boost representing an explosion of creativity and that magic decade continues to exert a strong evocative charm.

Kawasaki with the Mach series was a motorcycling star of those years and today, nearly fifty years later, a new project returns to that dramatic look and feel for one contemporary designer via the Kawasaki Vulcan 70 by Mr.Martini.


Inspired by those legendary Kawasaki motorcycles of the seventies and in particular the Kawasaki H1 500 Mach III, Mr. Martini has developed a transformation kit for the Kawasaki Vulcan S.

Mr. Martini wanted to translate the concept of custom and cruiser to a cafe racer look without changing the technical aspects of the bike.

“The dual seat, the long tail, the twin exhaust and round headlight were the first details that inspired me,” said Nicholas Martini

“The aim of this idea agreed with Kawasaki Italian branch – who helped me with this project – is to reach a different target of customers including both those who well remember the 1970’s glory years and the younger riders who want to join the trendy retro world , experiencing emotions coming from a memorable and unique past.



SERGIO VICARELLI of Kawasaki Motors Italy commented:
“The hardest part in the creation of an iconic product “new edition” lies in the capacity to embody all the hallmarks of a distinctive design.Nicolas successfully selected just a few essential elements of design and transferred this feeling to a popular current Kawasaki model”

“The project excited me immediately, I thought that the reference to the Mach series was the perfect choice to evoke the Kawasaki seventies spirit, those strong emotions and the sense of freedom that only this brand is able to give.

The main components of the kit are: dual seat, side panels, long tail, foot rest kit (with brackets) and front levers, handlebars, front and rear lights, indicators, a new paint scheme and a Zard exhaust.
Kit details:
The kit is created by Nicola Martini and is available in two colours: green and red.

The limited edition is only available by pre-order from official Italian Kawasaki dealers and only 100 numbered units will be built.


情報提供元 [ Kawasaki Motors Europe ]



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