Suzuki Endurance Racing Team will start tomorrow’s second round of the Endurance World Championship from sixth on the grid after shaving almost a second off earlier lap-times in today final qualifying sessions at the Autodromo International do Algarve in Portugal.

Vincent Philippe, who was struggling with sickness yesterday that affected his performance aboard the Yoshimura-powered GSX-R1000, was back to full fitness today and put in the fastest lap of the three SERT riders this afternoon with a time of 1:46.912 around the 4.592 km circuit, with Anthony Delhalle posting a best of 1:46.933, following a small crash towards the end of his session that bruised his right hand. Etienne Masson scored a 1:47.114 to put the 14-time World Champions’ average at 1:46.986.

At the end of qualifying, Dominique Méliand’s team are all set and satisfied with the GSX-R1000’s suspension and overall set-up, which will prove vital during the gruelling race on the bumpy and challenging circuit.

With less-than a second separating the top-six teams, Team April Moto Motors Events Suzuki riders Gregg Black, Gregory Fastre and Alex Cudlin posted the eighth-quickest time of 1:47.565 and the Superstock Class Junior Team LMS Suzuki fourth in class and 13th overall on the grid with a time of 1:48.017. The team, which is based at the same Le Mans headquarters in France as SERT, comprises Baptiste Guittet, Romain Maitre and Robin Camus; a leading force and one of the favourites for SST victory in 2016.



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