A changeable climate graced the first day of the Grand Prix of Spain at Talavera de la Reina with sunny morning skies replaced by stormy rain showers in the afternoon. In the altering conditions across the hard-pack, Team Suzuki World MXGP’s Kevin Strijbos could only capture 20th position after a crash on the start straight in the opening seconds of the Qualification Heat left the Belgian some distance behind the disappearing pack.

The ninth round of 18 in 2016 MXGP actually felt some benefit from the inclement weather as the terrain at the Cerro Negro circuit became rougher, slower and provided more grip. Strijbos was fifth fastest in Timed Practice but lost any chance of a top-five slot for the Grand Prix motos on Sunday after tangling on the launch out of the start gate for the 20 minute and two-lap sprint. Suffering a cut on the chin and aftershock of the tumble, he was still able to remount his RM-Z450 and complete the race down in 20th position and will now discuss some set-up changes with the Suzuki crew for tomorrow.

Ben Townley was ruled out of action due to a midweek crash that left the New Zealander with a sore wrist and a banged-up set of ribs.

In MX2 Jeremy Seewer drove through some of the wettest conditions to post the third-fastest lap in Timed Practice. Gunning away from the line the Swiss went down exiting the first corner and restarted in last place, but he fought-up to 10th for some decent damage limitation.

A fantastic start by Bas Vaessen saw the Dutch youngster leading the opening laps of the first EMX250 European Championship moto midway through Saturday afternoon. The RM-Z250 rider set a decent pace at the front of the field and in what is a stacked gathering of Grand Prix aspirants in 2016. Ultimately Vaessen could do little about the speed of series leader Thomas Kjer Olsen but still rode to second place to equal a career-best as the rain began to fall. The #‘98’ is now poised to secure a second overall podium finish on Sunday if he can again be among the leaders.


情報提供元 [ SUZUKI ]



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