The mobility of the future meets the racing world

The Vespa legend which was born in the post war era, the most agile and lightweight mopeds of the ’60s and ’70s, and then electric, bimodal vehicles and finally hybrid engines – the only one of its kind in the scooter world – are milestones in a cultural and technological leadership that has always characterised Piaggio Group’s vocation for innovation, with the earliest electric vehicle actually dating back to 1975.
Out of this unique heritage of style and technology, the Piaggio Wi-Bike is born, a completely new vehicle that meets the most advanced needs and the most modern mobility trends.

In the MotoGP paddock, personnel and fans had the chance to admire a racing style version, transforming it into the ideal vehicle for the riders and mechanics to get around on throughout the weekend. A Wi-Bike branded Aprilia Racing, one of the most victorious racing departments in history thanks to 54 World Titles earned in all of the two-wheel motorsport disciplines.

The characteristics of the Wi-Bike, perfectly in line with the technology and innovation values Aprilia expresses in their MotoGP efforts, is enhance at first glance by an exclusive colour combination. Silver and fluorescent red colour the frame and mechanics, strongly reminiscent of the livery of the RS-GP machines ridden on the track by Alvaro Bautista and Stefan Bradl.

From a technical point of view, the customised version has new tyres, adapted for this use, disc brakes on both wheels and an electronics system remapped to emphasise the acceleration provided by the electric drive in the brief trips within the paddock.

The 400 Wh ion and lithium battery is elegantly housed under the saddle in correspondence to the vertical pipe and provides particularly long range, on average between 60 and 120 kilometres depending on the operating mode and conditions. Complete recharge time is just over 3 hours. The battery guarantees the highest level of safety and it is completely watertight (IP 65).
The Piaggio Wi-Bike uses a belt drive combined with an advanced continuous variation automatic transmission, electronically assisted to always ensure the best possible ratio between an almost infinite choice of combination.




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