At the end of 2015, after having won the final World Superbike Championship race of the season, Leon Haslam (son of the legendary Rocket Ron) announced he would be returning to the UK to join the factory supported JG Speedfit Kawasaki team. Alongside his BSB duties, Leon will also be returning to Suzuka for the 8hr race under the Kawasaki banner…

“For me, it was a clear choice to come back to the British Superbike Championship. It’s unquestionably one of the strongest race series in the world and the fan base is second to none!

I had seen first-hand how competitive the Kawasaki was and with a new ZX-10R coming for this year, I knew it would be a bike capable of winning the title. I’d spoken with Mark (Smith-Halvorsen, owner of the JG Speedfit team) before and I’ve seen how quickly and professionally they’ve grown and things went from there really!

My first impressions of the bike were really positive and we’ve continued to push and take steps forward with every outing we have. The very first round at Silverstone saw us qualify on pole and if it wasn’t for some technical gremlins during the two races I think we could have been leaving there with two race wins. That’s how these things go though, it’s a long season and now we’ve won on the bike at Oulton Park our goal is clear; to push for the 2016 title!


Alongside the BSB commitments, I’m also going to be racing for the official Team Green World Endurance team at the Suzuka eight hour in July. It’s an event I really enjoy and I’ve had some good success over the years there too. Obviously it’ll be a slightly different machine to what I ride in the UK, but I’ve been comfortable on the ZX-10R from the start and with a few tests scheduled before the race I think we’ll be in a good position!”


情報提供元 [ Kawasaki Motors Europe ]



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