Team HRC Rally moves to Montesa-Honda, in Spain


Honda Racing Corporation’s Rally Team has recently set up headquarters in the Montesa-Honda installations in Santa Perpetua de la Mogoda, in Barcelona.

The Montesa-Honda facilities in Santa Perpetua de la Mogoda, Barcelona, home of the MotoGP and Trial teams, will have a new neighbour from April: the racing department of the Team HRC Rally.

Team HRC Rally’s operating base is being moved to new offices in Barcelona, which will allow the team to take advantage of the synergies of the Honda establishment. This will bring logistic and climatic benefits and will also see the team move closer to the Honda family, to most riders’ home bases and nearer to training and testing areas.

At Montesa-Honda, Team HRC Rally will have at their disposal offices, a workshop and a warehouse that cover a surface area of over 250 m2. The team, which has been received by Montesa-Honda chairman, Koji Sakamoto, will shortly begin preparing the bikes for the forthcoming scheduled events.

Team HRC would also like to announce the incorporation into its ranks of a new Team Manager: Italian Roberto Boasso, who will make up the management personnel alongside Martino Bianchi, General Manager and Taichi Honda, Project Manager.

Roberto Boasso, 43, an Italian hailing from Bra, Cuneo, has a wealth of experience in the world of Cross-Country Rallies, with no less than seventeen Dakars under his belt. He has participated with various teams in differing roles that range from Head Mechanic to Team Manager. In over 60 rallies, he has been with KTM, Bordone-Ferrari, Aprilia and Husqvarna has worked with riders of the calibre of Carlo de Gavardo, Chaleco López, Toby Price and Pablo Quintanilla. He has previously worked alongside Joan Barreda when the two competed in the Dakar with Aprilia.

The first race for Team HRC 2016-2017 will be Merzouga Rally, to be held in Morocco from 21st to 27th of May. The team will announce shortly which riders will participate in this, the first of the Dakar Series.


情報提供元 [ Honda Racing ]



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