Pirelli dominates the Grand Prix of Argentina, fourth round of the FIM Motocross World Championship


For the fourth round of the season, the FIM Motocross World Championship has arrived, for the second year in a row, in Neuquen, Patagonia. The beautiful and wide Argentina’s track, perfectly set between the Correntoso and Nahuel Huapi lake under the Andes mountains, is characterized by a medium soft surface upon which Pirelli tyres have proven their excellent performance, placing the Pirelli riders in the top six of MXGP class and in the top five of MX2 class.

Awesome race by Tim Gajser in MXGP class, that grabbed the overall victory. On track with SCORPION MX SOFT 410 120/80-19 at the rear, the most suitable tYre to manage the 450’s power, and SCORPION MX32 80/100-21 front, the young slovenian finished third in the first heat and won the second. Excellent second place for Antonio Cairoli who managed to climb back on the podium after ten months; he has preferred the SCORPION MX SOFT 410 110/90-19 at the rear. The same tYre used by Max Nagl that reached the third place overall. Good performance for Romain Febvre, fourth in the GP and still on top of the overall standings, and Jeremy Van Horebeek who finished the Grand Prix just behind his teammate. Both riders used the SCORPION MX SOFT 410 120/80-19 rear.

Yet another dominance by Jeffrey Herlings in MX2 class, who won for his first time in Argentina. Equipped by SCORPION MX32 110/90-19 in the MUD version at the rear, the tyres that allowed him to improve his acceleration out of corners, the trajectory change in bagarre and make the most on the track borders with less loose surface, and SCORPION MX32 80/100-21 front, the ducthman has no rivals in qualifying heat and in both races on Sunday. Behind him good performances by Jeremy Seewer, second, and Aleksandr Tonkov, third, which unlike the winner has chosen the SCORPION MX SOFT 410 110/90-19 rear. To confirm the excellent performance of Pirelli tyres in MX2 class also came good results by Samuele Bernardini, equipped by SCORPION MX32 120/80-19 rear and fourth overall, and Petar Petrov, fifth.


情報提供元 [ Pirelli ]



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