In a drama-packed race, reigning World Endurance Champions Suzuki Endurance Racing Team staged a heroic comeback at the Le Mans 24-Hour season opener in France to finish in fifth position; as April Moto Motors Events took the second-step of the podium aboard their GSX-R1000.

The 39th edition of the ‘24 Heures Motos’ at the Circuit Bugatti saw SERT rider Vincent Philippe and his GSX-R1000 fastest off the grid from fourth position and led the pack through the first corner in front of 72,300 spectators, relinquished the lead later to April Moto Motors Events’ Gregg Black, who was teamed with Grégory Fastré and Alex Cudlin.

Track conditions deteriorated due to cold weather and high humidity as the race progressed and, like many other teams, SERT slid-off with Anthony Delhalle in the saddle, then a further fall. Following two lengthy pit stops the team rejoined the race in 53rd position, any hope of winning lost, but Dominique Méliand’s team of Philippe, Delhalle and Etienne Masson characteristically never gave-up hope: The 2015 Le Mans race winners began its climb-back through the field to collect 21 points, rode under damage limitation; and because of this, SERT remains in contention for the 2016 title.

Proving the reliability of the machine, from 15 GSX-R1000 Suzukis on the grid, 14 finished the gruelling 24 hours of racing, three of which featured in the top-five as Team R2CL Suzuki crossed the line in fourth.

The second round of the FIM Endurance World Championship will take place on June 11-12th for the Portimao 12 Hours in Portugal.

Le Mans 24 Hour Results:
1 SRC Kawasaki (Kawasaki) 819 laps, 2 Team April Moto Motors Events (Suzuki GSX-R1000) 810, 3 FCC TSR Honda (Honda) 808, 4 Team R2CL (Suzuki GSX-R1000) 804, 5 Suzuki Endurance Racing Team (Suzuki GSX-R1000) 802, 6 Team 3ART YAM’AVENUE (Yamaha) 800, 7 AM Moto Racing Competition (Kawasaki) 792, 8 Voelpker NRT48 by Schuberth-Motos (BMW) 790, 9 Racing Team Sarazin (Kawasaki) 789, 10 MACO RACING Team (Yamaha) 786.



情報提供元 [ SUZUKI ]



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