Kawasaki Motors Europe extends MXGP support


Kawasaki has extended its commitment to support MXGP as the supplier of 4×4 MULES and Quads. During the MXGP of Europe, which took place in Valkenswaard, The Netherlands Kawasaki Motors Europe supplied Youthstream with a new Mule 4010 Trans 4×4 and two new KVF750 “Brute Force” 4×4 Quads, which will be used alongside their current fleet of Kawasaki Utility vehicles by the logistics crew for the remainder of the season.

Mr. Steve Guttridge, Kawasaki Motors Europe Racing Manager, presented the MULE and Quads on behalf of KME, “We’ve been helping Youthstream with utility vehicles for a few years now, to move around the tracks. The Kawasaki MULES and quads are perfect for these kinds of activities, helping to build the tracks, get the marshals around and moving the TV equipment and crews. I know Youthstream really appreciate the Kawasaki vehicles. For us it’s a good opportunity to promote our utility vehicles and show that Kawasaki doesn’t only produce motocross bikes,” Mr. Guttridge said.

Mr Giuseppe Luongo, Youthstream’s President, said: “Kawasaki has now been a partner of MXGP for a long time, and we are delighted to renew the partnership agreement as Kawasaki is one of the main supporters of MXGP. We thank Kawasaki for its investment and trust in the MXGP series, thanks to partners like Kawasaki our series is growing continuously.”

Kawasaki’s 4×4 MULES and Quads offer an extra pair of hands in setting up and maintaining the infrastructure of MXGP. They are extremely versatile, easy to operate and manoeuvre around the track and paddock. No job is too big and no terrain too tough for these utility vehicles to handle, which makes them the perfect partner for Youthstream’s logistics team.

Kawasaki’s factory MXGP team, Monster Energy Kawasaki Racing Team, consists of Clement Desalle, Jordi Tixier and with Dylan Ferrandis and Petar Petrov within the MX2 class. In addition they also support Tommy Searle and Vsevolod Brylyakov who ride under the Monster Energy DRT Kawasaki awning, Livia Lancelot and her own team, One One Four Kawasaki, fly the flag for Team Green in WMX. Also supported by Kawasaki and involved in the European series, Monster Energy Bud Racing Team line-up Darian Sanayei, Nicolas Dercourt and Brian Moreau while Hunter Lawrence rides for the Monster Energy CLS Junior Team.


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