Making an exciting new addition to the 2017 accessories & lifestyle range, Husqvarna Motorcycles is pleased to introduce the brand new Kids Training Bike.

Designed for future champions, Husqvarna’s Kids Training Bike is suitable for children aged two and over. Combining the brand’s iconic white/blue/yellow colour scheme with Husqvarna Motorcycles, it’s the ideal starting point for all young and aspiring riders. Ensuring an authentic offroad look each bike comes fitted with a front number plate and handguards.

Built to the highest quality the Husqvarna Kids Training Bike features a soft seat that can be easily adjusted via a simple quick release mechanism. Featuring plastic wheels and thick, high profile tyres Husqvarna’s Kids Training Bike offers optimum comfort and stability to youngsters taking their first steps into the exciting world of two-wheel riding.

・Suitable for children from two years of age
・Adjustable seat height with quick release system
・High-profile thick tyres for extra comfort
・Front number plate and handguards


情報提供元 [ Husqvarna Motorcycles ]



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