The New WR450F Rally is Ready for Dakar


In a few days the Yamalube Yamaha Official Rally Team will take the start for the 2016 Dakar Rally, with the all-new Yamaha WR450F Rally, especially geared up for the tough conditions of the most demanding rally-raid of the world.

A season of intense physical preparation and extensive bike development and testing are vitally important before starting a race such as the Dakar ; especially as the 2016 edition will last 15 days and cover 9319 kilometres. Over the last months, the Yamaha mechanics and riders have completed hard work on the new machine; fully equipped with the most advanced YZ engine and chassis technology ever developed, and optimized in terms of weight and design, the 2016 WR450F Rally looks promising.


The 2016 WR450F Rally produces strong and linear torque that gives outstanding performance together with a high level of controllability. A specific front fuel injection system guarantees the best level of engine power and performance possible. The weight optimisation of the bike was one of the main considerations for the Dakar. “The priority was given on optimising the overall set up of the motorcycle”, explains Team Manager José Leloir. “The lighter the motorcycle is, the faster it goes, then the easier the riders can ride and the least they get tired.”

The slim design of the 2016 WR450F Rally makes the difference for the riders in terms of feelings during the ride, allowing them greater maneuverability. The improved aerodynamics of the bike are also a considerable asset for increasing the speed of the machine.


Hélder Rodrigues came back to the Yamalube Yamaha Official Rally Team with the firm desire to take it to the next level and receives great satisfaction from taking a new start with a bike that fits his wishes. “I am happy to take the start of my tenth Dakar back with Yamaha. We already made great results together in 2012 and 2013 and I am confident for 2016 with the new WR450F Rally”, says the Portuguese rider. “With my teammate Alessandro Botturi and Yamaha’s mechanics, we have been discussing, testing, riding and reviewing all the aspects of the motorcycle, in readiness for the Dakar. I had very good feelings on this WR450F Rally during the season and I feel 100per cent confident for the Dakar.”


2016 Yamalube Yamaha Official Rally Team riders Hélder Rodrigues and Alessandro Botturi have already pushed the limits of the WR450F and taken it to the top spot of the podium. They finished respectively first and second in the Rally of Tunisia and second and third in the TransAnatolia Rally Raid (Turkey); Hélder Rodrigues classified third in the Rally of Sardinia (Italy) and Alessandro Botturi first in the Merzouga Rally (Morroco).

The riders will take the start of the Dakar on January 2nd, 2016, in Buenos Aires, ready to take on the challenge ahead.



情報提供元 [ Yamaha Racing ]



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