Haga and Topan provides points for the team in Race 2


The final round of the 2015 FIM Asia Road Racing Championship was held at Chang International Circuit in Buriram, Thailand, with a full house of spectators in the grand stand. Team KAGAYAMA SUZUKI Asia, spearheaded by Yukio Kagayama, aimed for both riders to finish in the points. Former Moto2™ rider #25 Rafid Topaz Sucipto, and World Superbike multi-winner, #41 Noriyuki Haga, with the team was in the first year in this highest category of motorcycle racing in Asia.

With Haga crashed out due to a mechanical trouble in Race 1, and left the bike burned. The team immediately took action, and rebuilt the machine overnight, making Haga able to race in Race 2.

The 4-day weekend at Buriram, showed no rain, with temperatures above 30 degrees Celsius. The 4pm start for the Supersports 600 gave no mercy, as temperature still stayed hot and humid. Topan, starting from the 18th grid, and Haga from the 19th grid, made a good start, with Haga running 12th and Topaz running 16th in the first half of the race. Eventually, Haga finished 11th, and Topan 15th, but disqualification of two riders, pushed Haga up to 9th, and Topan up to 13th.

Haga finished the season ranked 7th, with Topan finishing 17th in the Championship. The team finished their first season ranked 7th in the Championship.

Noriyuki Haga | #41
This weekend was a one loaded with trouble, but the mechanics and the staff did their best to give me a machine that I can work with. But unfortunately, I experienced another trouble in Race 2. I could have stopped the machine anytime, but I was determined to race until it stopped, in order to obtain data for next year. I think I was able to give back a little by making a single-digit finish.

Looking back at the season, I would say that it was not what I was expecting it to be. The problem was the same at most circuits, so I would say that if we are able to clear that problem, we would be racing up front with the leaders. The only podium was the wet race at Suzuka, and we were unlucky at several races when I was hit by other riders. But this all was a learning experience, and if there is a next year for me, I hope to do better and race in higher results. I am proud that I raced with Team KAGAYAMA SUZUKI Asia. It is a great team, and I thank each and every member of the team!

Rafid Topan Sucipto | #25
The setting improved from Race 1, and it was a good thing for me, but the other riders were fast, so I did not finish the race in a result I would be satisfied with. But I am happy that I finished with points for the team. The season has ended, and racing with a great racer like Haga taught me a lot of things this year. The team gradually became united towards the end of the season. Nothing has been finalised yet, but I would surely like to race with this team again next year.

Yukio Kagayama | General Manager
We were able to participate in the ARRC with many support from everyone. Since it was our first year in the Championship, we did not have any data, and I am sorry that I couldn’t provide a machine that would maximise Topan and Haga’s potential. But we improved as a team throughout the season. Haga had trouble all weekend,but he did the best he could for us. Topan kept riding with the menu the team prepared, and he overcame the drop in the lap time at the end of the race.

We have not decided our rider line-up for next year, but we will be back next year. I will learn from the mistake we made this year, and will make a better team and a better machine next year. Thank you for your support, and hope to see you continue to support us next year.


情報提供元 [ Team KAGAYAMA ]



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