Herrera, only one of two women in the competition and Dalla Porta, who joined the team only in the summer break have fought hard in the races they contested and were both on a steep learning curve. While they were not able to deliver the results in the final round that they would have wished, they both agreed that they had matured and grown into the sport as they tackled many circuits that were new to them both.

Herrera said she had been able to evolve as she got to know the new circuits as the season progressed. She said is confident that she will make bigger steps with the team in next season. “The Maria from Qatar (the opening round of the season) is not the one I am at the end of the season,” she said.

Dalla Porta said he had expected to achieve a better result in the final round but had not felt 100% on the day. “The team did a great job all weekend. I would have like to have a better finish to thank them for the work they did. This race brings my first season in the world championship to an end, which was really only half a season. It was a great opportunity to get to know so many new circuits and the experience I got will be very useful for next season.”

Team Manager Gelete Nieto:
“It was a difficult race in which neither Maria nor Lorenzo were happy with their results. The two made their debut in the world championship so now we have to analyse what they have learned and how they can continue to improve. I think this will reflect on them very well and help them to remain active and motivated for next season. Maria has achieved results this year that have surprised us all. She fought hard in races like Silverstone or Assen and made a great comeback at Aragon. Lorenzo has also put in good races and he has picked up points, so they have to be happy with the work they have done.”


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