Ducati Xerox tests affected by poor weather

A planned two day test at Valencia for Noriyuki Haga and Michel Fabrizio was shortened by poor weather, particularly on day one when neither rider was able to make any laps of the Spanish circuit.

On the final day, Thursday 28th January, they got in half a day of testing on a still damp circuit, but recorded some encouraging times: a 1m34.0s for Haga and a 1m34.3s lap for Fabrizio.

The team will not test again until Phillip Island (Australia) during the final pre-championship sessions on 21 and 22 February. These tests will be followed by the opening round of the 2010 World Superbike season, on February 28.

Noriyuki Haga
”Unfortunately yesterday was a total loss due to the wet, cold conditions but today we were able to ride all afternoon. We continued with the work started at Portimao, testing suspension settings and various tyre compounds. I also tried a new clutch which seemed to perform well, and my lap times were fairly fast seeing as it was extremely cold. I`d say we`re very happy, although we`ve seen that the privateer Ducatis of Checa and Byrne were also very fast so I guess the first race of the season will be very interesting; I can`t wait to race!”

Michel Fabrizio
”We haven`t been very lucky with the weather, with rain both here and in Portimao. But it`s all gone really well today, bearing in mind that it was for us the first, and last, day. We found a good pace and are pretty satisfied with the lap times. It was a bit difficult to evaluate the tyres well in these conditions but, all in all, it went a lot better for us than it did at Portimao and I feel like we`re back on track.”



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